What is Movement Focused Training?

At PM Fitness, our philosophy focuses on training movement patterns and creating perfect movement. Aristotle once said “Life Requires Movement.” Our idea: Make Yours Perfect.
For our clients, whether live or online, we focus on movement patterns as opposed to muscles. Muscles power movements but multiple muscles work together for the most functional of movement patterns. Drawing our inspiration from TRX Training Philosophy, there are 7 functional training patterns: Plank, Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, Lunge, and Rotate.
By creating efficiency in each movement pattern, you recruit the muscles necessary to power the movements. The better the movement, the better the muscle fiber recruitment, the more the body adapts to the movement. For example: The squat. The Squat is one of the most used exercises in the gym setting and requires multiple muscle groups to complete. Each person has different limitations with their squat but the standards for a correct squat are the same no matter who you are. By perfecting your squat, we accomplish the following things: Strengthening the legs which requires lean muscle mass to develop in the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings. More lean muscle mass means a higher metabolism which increases the amount of energy/calories you burn every day. The effort associated with a squat by itself requires more energy and more of the whole body to work while doing it. So while we are creating stronger, leaner muscles, we are helping you live better by addressing something you do daily, SQUAT.
This is what makes movement specific training more efficient and effective. It addresses everything from function to aesthetics. Translation: Move Better, Live Better, Perform Better, Look Better Naked.

How Does TRX Come Into Play?

The TRX Suspension Straps and TRX Rip Trainer were designed by Randy Hetrick, a now retired Navy Seal. At the time he was in the field, with an assignment to protect ships from modern day pirates. To do that, he and his team had to scale the back of moving ships to take on pirates if they had taken a ship. That required a strong pull! In the field, they didn't have pull up bars set up and finding a tree to use for pull-ups were few and far between. Instead Randy took some of his equipment and an old jiu jitsu belt to create the very first TRX Suspension Straps.
Fast forward to 2017 and TRX is the originator of suspension training and leader in functional training education. Our coaches all have TRX Coaching experience and proudly integrate TRX equipment with traditional weight training to create programs that help you get stronger, lose weight, move and live better.
PM Fitness is a TRX Premier Training Facility which means it holds the highest education level of its trainers. Head Trainer Jesse Grund participated in one of the very first Advanced Group Training Certifications with TRX in September of 2016. He has worked for TRX at some of the largest international conventions and trained cast members from “Arrow” and “Supergirl” in how to integrate TRX into your daily fitness regimen. Co-Owner Aubrey Grund has participated in two courses and has over a thousand hours training clients with TRX Suspension Straps.

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