Each client that we have had the privilege of training have their own individual experiences. We are honored to have them share their experiences with prospective clients.

Will Your Success Story Be Next?

Working out with Jesse is one of the best decisions I have made in the last 5 years. That’s about how long I have been working out with him. I used to be a distance runner—5K to marathon distance—until my knees gave out. I had medial meniscus surgery in 2012 and was rehabbing to resume running when my wife suggested I continue with a personal trainer where PT left off. She suggested Jesse since she had been working out with him for several years. She told me he was the best trainer she had worked with. She was right. My knees are still problematic for running, but Jesse has maintained and improved my fitness level (from when I was running) and improved my overall body strength to the point where I feel I am stronger now than I was when I was in college. All this by a combination of low impact, joint protective exercises which include body weight, kettle bells, battle rope, stretch bands, TRX, and the more traditional iron weights too. He constantly amazes me with the variety of movements and exercise combinations that he brings to the workout. That keeps things fresh (something I could not do on my own) and insures that all muscle groups are working. He is also very cognizant of the functional aspect of workouts and incorporates exercises which develop balance (very important for us older folks) and protect the low back (he is always cueing me on that one). He is also constantly learning and expanding his knowledge base. I have seen him improve himself over the last 5 years by acquiring numerous certifications, and becoming a premier TRX training facility—the only one in Orlando. I am proud of him for that.

No, he didn’t pay me for this endorsement. I did it as a favor for the fitness he has given me. I watch what I eat and try to take care of myself, but Jesse has been a major factor in the current health and mobility that I now enjoy.

Thanks Jesse!


Jesse has been my trainer for 2.5 years and has helped me improve my life exponentially. Before working with him, I was very uncomfortable in a gym environment and dreaded working out. His masterful skill, ability to inspire & challenge others, and his innovative approach have completely changed my perspective on fitness. I now look forward to my workouts and feel like something is lacking if I have to miss one. Jesse is a positive, humorous, motivational, and very knowledgeable person who I feel very privileged to know and train with.

Autumn Spencer

Client Since 2012

"I always struggled with my body image as far back as 13 years old, I knew I carried more weight than I should. I never felt like I could shed the old me even up till the age of 26...However with Jesse writing my program and encouraging me to get on Advocare's 24 Day Challenge, I now have a new me. Starting with the 24 Day Challenge and Jesse's program for me, I shed 3% body fat and 9lbs in 24 days. From there I just maintained a healthy diet and kept on top of the workouts Jesse provided for me. A year later and I feel like I have an entirely new body. This is not something that came easy but with dedication and an amazing trainer in my corner, I feel like Skies The Limit!"

Christopher Marrone


"I began working out with Jesse almost a year before I was set to be married. I had not engaged in much of a workout routine for a few years, and really wanted to find someone and something to help me get motivated to get in shape for my wedding. Jesse did all this and more. He made me realize what living a healthy, fit life is all about. Not only did he motivate me to get in the best shape of my life before my wedding, he motivated me to get change my life and keep it going. It has been almost two years since my wedding day, and because of Jesse, I have been able to stay in great shape, and I now truly enjoy keeping a fit and healthy lifestyle. I owe Jesse a lot of thank you's for all he has done for me, and I am eternally grateful for him."

Kristi Neesen

Former Client

"I trained with Jesse for nearly two years.  He is an absolutely amazing trainer. My initial goal was to increase strength, muscle mass, and muscle definition in my legs. However, the results of my training with Jesse have extended far beyond my legs. I have seen muscle gains, fat reduction, increased strength, and increased stamina in my entire body.  Jesse provided programming that introduced me to exercises and exercise routines (e.g., supersets and EMOMs) that were unfamiliar to me.  He made sure that I was able to do the exercises with the correct form in order to maximize my gains and mitigate injury.  He also provided me with guidance on my diet and the appropriate supplements needed to reach my goals.  There were also specific areas in which I struggled, such as balance, that his programming helped me to improve.  As my trainer, Jesse was sensitive to my needs and limitations and yet he continued to challenge me to strive for greater.  Jesse has provided me an invaluable fitness foundation.  His vision to aid his clients in striving for perfection each day were truly manifested during the time that I trained with him, and it continues to be manifested as I continue to build upon the fitness foundation that he has provided me with."

Timothy White

Client since 2013

I started with Jesse a few years ago with a little doubt (I’m stubborn and didn’t think he was really going to help me lose weight and “tone up”), thinking that I would just try it out for a couple of months and then just continue on my own, without a trainer. However, I was immediately hooked! I saw my body changing and nothing beat the feeling I got after training. It also helped me make better food choices the rest of the day! I thought I would stop training with Jesse and just wing it on my own, but without him I know my form would be off and I would be back to where I was before him, damaged shoulder from poor form trying to put some muscle on my arms (I couldn’t lift my arm to put my shirt on without being in pain for almost 6 months before I started with Jesse). He rehabilitated my shoulder within the first couple of months of training with him. Although I initially started training to lose a little weight and “tone up” my flabby arms and legs, I ended up changing my goals a little. I wanted to do more strength training to build more lean muscle. I don’t see myself ever stopping our training sessions. I’d be completely lost, even after training for a few years. I don’t have to think about putting together a workout that hits all my body parts and allows me to progress as I get leaner and stronger, because I can’t do the same thing every day and expect changes. I have a very full schedule (full time career and grad school) and Jesse helps me stay on schedule so I can achieve my fitness, life and work/school goals."

Valentina MK

Client Since 2013