Sticks and Straps is our  mobility based class that meets Tuesday and Thursday Evenings at 530pm. Class size is limited to ten people. The focus of the class is to restore all the potential ranges of motion that we, as humans, should have access to. Class lasts one hour and is focused on either upper body and spine or lower body and core sessions.

Mobility Evolved

Conventional wisdom pigeons holes mobility with things like yoga and using bands for “stretches.” While there is nothing wrong with either one, they are missing the true purpose of mobility training, which is to restore and strengthen potential ranges of motion. Passive methods, by definition, can only yield passive results (Dr. Moses Bernard). We want access to functional mobility or useable mobility. 80% of Americans suffer from low back pain.  This is as a results of living the most sedentary, inhuman lifestyle we have ever seen in civilization. We need to move. Functional Mobility, which is a combination of flexibility with strength and control (Dr. Andreo Spina), resets the human movement system and allows for greater connection with the body. This helps create a body that can withstand the rigors of everyday, while not limiting the person in any endeavor. Useless ranges of motion do not afford us that and as such, can be harmful. The body needs to be able to ACTIVELY achieve ranges of motion we are placing it in. This new potential for movement can help us not only be stronger but healthier, can restore joint function and health, and increase overall performance in life and athletics. 


Sticks and Straps

Check out our FAQ page on more for what is TRX and Stick Mobility. Both of these modalities, along with our own bodyweight are the backbone for what “Sticks and Straps” is all about, and how it can help accelerate the changes we are looking for in our body. Each class is broken up into drills with Stick Mobility and TRX which allow us to ISOLATE the areas of the body we are looking to change, LENGTHEN the tissue, ACTIVATE them with tension, and then INTEGRATE them back into the body with movement patterns. This four step process utilizing these tools results in greater overall change in the tissue and joints, along with the Neurological  change our brain needs to recognize these new safe ranges of motion now exist.
The Sticks and Straps allow us to safely and effectively execute this four step plan without compensating somewhere else in the body, and provide better feedback on “what right feels like.” 


Unlock Your Movement

This class is not a replacement for whatever your current exercise regimen is; whether that is Crossfit, OTF, Spinning, Running or Weightlifting. All of us need to work on our mobility daily, just like we need to drink water, breathe oxygen, and eat food. It sounds hyperbole but all the research and science shows us that if we don’t access all the ranges of motion afforded to the human body, we lose those ranges of motion.  This can result in joint inflammation along with increased risk of injury and those injuries being more severe. Lack of mobility for sports performance can result in decreased performance and limited potential. There is nothing else like this in Central Florida. If you are ready to “Unlock your Movement” click the contact us button to join in our Sticks and Straps Community. Live classes are held in Orlando, FL and Remote Coaching is available for you across the United States.